Lisa Burman

The Power of our Words

Become more intentional in the language you use to empower learning - for any age group. EVERGREEN COURSE (registrations always open)

Lisa Burman

Playful Literacy (evergreen)

Build children's literacy through their natural ways of learning. Now an 'evergreen course'!

Amanda Bartram, Katie Ashmead & Lisa Burman

'What's in Your Stack?' Chat - Make Your Characters Come Alive!

Recorded webinar (not live version) where Amanda, Katie & Lisa each share a Stack of mentor texts & discuss what they would teach with it.

Lisa Burman

Plan for Writing Success

COMING SOON Bring greater intentionality to your Writing Workshop/Bookmaking with young writers, aged 3-8 years.

Lisa Burman

Write to Teach Your Reader July 2020

Information Writing through a Bookmaking Approach

Lisa Burman

Spelling Investigations (May 2020)

Using inquiry learning processes to build spelling knowledge.